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Q: What is the SideQuest Community Weekend?

The SideQuest Community Weekend is a series of community events during RTX Austin 2017 weekend, July 6-9. This year, SideQuest is holding three events:

SideQuest’s Charity Gala – Thursday, July 6th
SideQuest’s Barlympics – Saturday, July 8th
The SideQuest Lounge – Sunday, July 9th

Q: What is the Charity Gala?

When: July 6th from 8PM to MidnightWhere: 98 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701

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Q: What is the SideQuest Barlympics?

When: July 8th from 8PM to 2AMWhere: 201 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701(Google Maps)

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Q: What is the SideQuest Lounge?

When: July 9th from 8PM to 2AMWhere: 201 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 (Google Maps)

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Q: What happended to the Farewell Lunch at SaltLick BBQ?

The Farewell Lunch at SaltLick BBQ was one of our favorite events of the weekend and we’re heartbroken about not being able to do it anymore. With Austin getting evermore popular, the costs to put on events in town has gotten higher; so has the cost of renting out rooms at The SaltLick.

Keeping the Farewell Lunch would have added an additional $50 to the cost of the Combo ticket.

Q: The cost of the Combo ticket has gone up. What gives?

We’ve outgrown the Radisson Austin’s Ballroom! For the last few months, the SideQuest Events Team has been investigating bigger venues to allow more people to attend the Gala. The bigger venue we’ve chosen costs a little more to rent out, ergo the higher price.

Additionally, the cost of putting on an event in Austin has gone up over the years. Until now, we’ve absorbed these cost increases, but were unable to do so anymore without jeopardizing our mission to raise money for our charitable causes.

Q: Does SideQuest have an Anti-Harassment Policy?

Most certainly though it has never had to be enforced.

All SideQuest Community Weekend attendees, volunteers, special guests, and staff members must comply with our Anti-Harassment. We are committed to making sure any SideQuest event is a safe, fun environment for everybody.

You may read our Anti-Harassment policy here.