A Long Overdue Update

Hey, y’all. Been a while, hasn’t it? One of the unfortunate but unavoidable truths of SideQuest is the cyclical nature of our activity. Things ramp up quite a bit leading up to RTX and SQ Community Weekend, hit a crescendo as the big weekend unfolds, and then we drop off a cliff as our staff […]

MANDATORY FUN at Dragon’s Lair

Hey, SideQuesters! Still neck-deep in planning SideQuest Community Weekend, which is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! Everyone here is hard at work making final preparations for another great set of events to fill your RTX weekend with community cheer. But as much as we look forward to our marquee events, SideQuest is about more than […]

An Update (and Happy Easter!)

Greetings and Happy Easter, SideQuesters! I figured you’re all long overdue for an update from us, and one of the things I tend to struggle with is waiting for everything to be 100 percent perfect before even starting to type up a draft. With that mentality, it’s clear that nothing will ever get done. Best […]

SQCW 2017 Tickets on Sale Now!

It’s happening! SideQuest Community Weekend tickets are available for purchase! *obnoxious airhorn noises* For the first time, we are managing our own ticket sales with the Tickera plugin (instead of going through Ticketbud), and we hope you’ll have a silky smooth buying experience. Props, kudos, and many an accolade to Daniel Allman and Jason Ramm […]